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    Bedricha Smetane 10, 10000 ZAGREB POSLOVNICA: Petrovaradinska 40B

    IS 3360 MX Highbay

    Motion detector
    IS 3360 MX Highbay

    A head for heights. Powerful reach. Reliable. IS 3360 MX Highbay motion detector – ideal for high ceilings in industrial buildings or commercial properties. For mounting heights of up to 14 m. High-precision 360° infrared sensor. Maximum reach: 18 m. For watching over up to 1000 sq.m.

    Version: LiveLink – Surface-mounted installation, square; COM1 – Concealed installation, square; COM1 – Surface-mounted, square; DALI – Concealed installation, square; DALI – Surface-mounted, square; KNX – Concealed installation, square; KNX – Surface-mounted, square; PF – Concealed installation, square; PF – Surface-mounted installation, square

    About IS 3360 MX Highbay
    A head for heights. Powerful reach. Reliable.

    The ceilings are generally quite high in industrial halls and business premises. Good to know then that even high ceilings do not present a problem to the IS 3360 MX Highbay. The long-reach motion detector has an extra-large detection zone and remains absolutely alert even when it is installed at a height of up to 14 metres. The IS 3360 MX Highbay is highly reliable.

    European Article Number (EAN) 4007841009724
    Model Movement sensor
    Sensor type Passive infrared
    Detection angle 360°
    Reach, tangential max. 18m
    Recommended installation height 4-14 m
    Dimensions(w x h x d) 65 x 95 x 95 mm
    Voltage DALI bus voltage
    Current consumption 3 DALI user
    Settings via LiveLink app
    Teach-function for response value luminosity Yes
    Time setting IQ mode (automatic adjustment to usage profile)
    1 min. – 60 min.
    User-friendly functions Motion detection
    Semi-automatic / fully automatic mode
    Brightness measurement
    Daytime operation
    Teach mode
    Test mode
    Time setting
    Degree of protection (IP) IP54
    Temperature -20-50 °C
    Housing UV-resistant plastic
    Model LiveLink
    Version LiveLink – Surface-mounted installation, square
    Operating instructions (PDF, 3.74 MB)
    Operating instructions 2 (PDF, 3.52 MB)
    Technical drawing (PDF, 146.55 KB)
    Tendering text DE (DOC, 105 KB)
    Tendering text GB (DOC, 104.5 KB)
    Data sheet