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    Bedricha Smetane 10, 10000 ZAGREB POSLOVNICA: Petrovaradinska 40B

    Dual HF

    Presence detector
    Dual HF

    Twice as vigilant. High-frequency corridor sensor Presence Control PRO DUAL HF LiveLink for indoors, ideal for passageways and long corridors, installation height up to 3.5 m, with digital DALI interface for integration into the LiveLink system, DUAL-HF technology for radial detection of 20 m in two directions, detection regardless of temperature, HF-sensor technology also detects movement through glass, wood and stud walls, switches light ‘ON’ almost instantly.

    Version: LiveLink, COM1, COM1 AP, DALI, DIM, KNX

    About Dual HF
    A corridor sensor that points the way. Both in technology and design.

    The Dual HF corridor sensor works with high-frequency technology that’s particularly advanced. The system is fitted with 2 sensors, with each covering one corridor direction. Both of them together cover a good 20 metres in walking direction – for complete and reliable detection without blind spots. Tangential reach is deliberately limited to corridor width so as to avoid detecting movements behind closed doors, for instance.

    European Article Number (EAN) 4007841009700
    Model Presence detector
    Sensor type High Frequency
    Current consumption 8 DALI user
    Recommended installation height 2.5-3,5 m
    Application inside buildings
    Installation Ceiling
    Detection angle 360° with 140° angle of aperture, also through
    glass, wood and stud walls
    Settings via LiveLink app
    Housing UV-resistant plastic
    Model LiveLink
    Operating instructions (PDF, 2,48 MB)
    Operating instructions 2 (PDF, 11 MB)
    Tendering text DE (DOC, 84 KB)
    Tendering text GB (DOC, 85 KB)
    Data sheet