Bedricha Smetane 10, 10000 ZAGREB POSLOVNICA: Petrovaradinska 40B

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Bedricha Smetane 10, 10000 ZAGREB POSLOVNICA: Petrovaradinska 40B

Pon-Pet: 08:00–16:00
01-3880-247; 01-3886-677

Reflektor XLED PRO Wide

Floodlight XLED PRO Wide Lighting precision on a broad front. XLED PRO Wide sensor-switched floodlight with even light pattern thanks to the precision lens matrix. Fully tilting and turning flat-design light head. With a mounting height of up to 6 m, ideal for illuminating large rectangular areas. Powerful high-end LEDs giving 2400 lm of light [...]


Floodlight XLED PRO Square XL SL Extra brightness. XLED PRO Square XL SL – the tilting and turning slave version without sensor in black or white. Ingenious lens matrix for illuminating large areas with 4400 lm of day-bright light (48 W). Basic-light LEDs for better orientation. High-quality aluminium heat sink. Interconnection via cable. Version: Black, [...]


Floodlight XLED PRO Square XL Square light. Dazzlingly bright. XLED PRO Square XL for illuminating extra-large square areas. Swivelling flexibility. Powerful high-end LEDs (48 W) giving 4400 lumens of light provide uncompromising brightness. High-quality aluminium heat sink. 240° detection. Mounting height up to 6 m. Reach of 12 m. Available in black or white. Version: [...]


Floodlight XLED PRO Square SL Full illumination in the slave version. XLED PRO Square without sensor. Extra-flexible flat-design light head for illuminating large, square areas on demand. 2400 lm, 24.8 watts. High-quality aluminium heat sink. Simple interconnection via cable. Version: White, Black About XLED PRO Square SL Square-shaped light. Extremely bright. The XLED PRO Square. [...]


Floodlight XLED PRO Square Lighting efficiency squared. XLED PRO Square with 2400 lm, 24.8 W, 240° angle of coverage and 12 m reach. High-quality aluminium heat sink. Precision-calculated lens matrix for even light pattern over large, square areas. Flat-design light head swivelling in all directions for maximum lighting efficiency and precision illumination. Including basic-light LEDs. [...]

Solarna svjetiljka XSolar GL-S

Solar light XSolar GL-S Efficient. Elegant. Versatile. Sensor-switched LED light XSolar L-S. Ideal for pathways, drives, gardens and patios. No need for any connection to the power supply. Temperature-resistant lithium-iron-phosphate rechargeable battery providing light availability for up to 60 days. Optional basic lighting level. About XSolar GL-S Instantly impresses. With efficiency and design. Well-illuminated drives [...]

Solarna svjetiljka XSolar L-S

Solar light XSolar L-S No energy costs. No power connection. No compromising. Sensor-switched LED light XSolar L-S. Ideal for gardens, patios and external walls. Provides bright light 365 days of the year. High-performance IR sensor. Intelligent microprocessor. Temperature-resistant lithium-iron-phosphate rechargeable battery giving light availability for 60 days. Illuminates up to 30 sq.m. About XSolar L-S [...]

Unutarnja svjetiljka RS PRO 5100

Indoor light RS PRO 5100 Simply powerful. High-frequency SensorLight RS PRO 5100 Sensor, ideal for multi-storey and underground car parks, high-bay warehouses, basements, storerooms, interconnectable by cable with RS PRO Slave lights, for 1 x 54 W lamps, tough polycarbonate, 360° detection, reach of 1 – 8 m, selectable time and twilight threshold. About RS [...]